Why I Finally Switched To A Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Cordless lawn mowers are quickly becoming popular among homeowners for various reasons. Firstly, they are extremely Eco-friendly compared to gas lawn mowers because there are no emissions. Secondly, cordless lawn mowers eliminate the hassle of electric wires that come with electric lawn mowers. One of the most common trends that can be observed with homeowners is the creation of a beautiful green patch of lawn at the home’s front. It’s not hard to see why lawns have a revitalizing effect on a home’s face; but it’s not just any lawn but a well-tended lawn… This is where cordless lawn mowers come in as agents of mowing out that lawn to a better finished look. Cordless mowers come as regular push cordless lawn mowers, self propelled cordless electric lawn mowers as well as the electric riding lawn mower type.

Cordless lawn mowers, also known as cordless trimmers, are basically lawn mowers that are not bound to power cable extensions; they’re pretty much like cordless vacuum cleaners devoid of the constraints associated with power cables coiling or tangling about.

The Most Common Brands of Cordless Lawn Mowers

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Black & Decker is probably the highest rated brand in cordless electric lawn mowers, and with as little as $300 you could be well on your way to reaping that stocky turf on your front yard. It’s definite value for money with a rechargeable cordless lawn mower from Black & Decker where the price is backed by the associated features. These come with as much as 36V rechargeable batteries: enough to reap lawns ranging up to a 1/3 of an acre. What’s more, the batteries are removable thus allowing for the addition of more batteries to allow for the mowing bigger lawns. Just in case your turf is pretty overgrown, you can conveniently and instantly change the cutting height of the mower’s four wheels by pulling one lever. Either of the major brands like the CMM1200, the CM1936 or the CM1836 can be folded in thus minimizing the storage space required. Black & Decker cordless lawn mowers are sure to minimize on the noisy roaring associated with gas mowers, they don’t use gas or oil (which often gets messy), and they are environmental friendly as they do not release toxic emissions. Startup is more hassle-free since you don’t need to pulls cords or keep checking for tune-ups; all you need is to plug in the start key, pull the startup lever and get mowing! No wonder Black and Decker gets voted as the best cordless lawn mowers whichever resource you look at.

Another reputable brand for cordless electric lawn mowers

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Troy-Bilt has also made a name for itself with rechargeable cordless electric lawn mowers such as the Troy-Bilt TB57, the TB720R, and the LE720R among others. They have pretty unique designs that come with attachments/ shafts that can be adjusted to suit different user heights. Troy’s cordless mowers are versatile with utility ranging from hedge or grass trims, pruning, cultivating as well as leaf blowing. Clearing the edges, curbs and sidewalks of your compound never got easier as it makes weeding or even trimming under bushes and shrubs pretty much effortless.

If you are looking for a more compact cordless lawn mower, GroWorks is a good alternative and in particular, the GroWorks Weed Trimmer or the Rechargeable Handheld Weed Trimmer. In addition to being lightweight and portable, some of the key features are the adjustable head, the rotating safety guard switch, rechargeable batteries and a couple of blades for that clean finish. They make for a good alternative cordless lawn mower when it comes to trimming inaccessible areas around the edges of your lawn and around bushes or trees.

We have compared six of the most popular models of best cordless mower brands on our homepage and please feel free to go through it.

Simple Rose Gardens Done Right

rose gardensMany people are fearful of rose gardening, because they believe that roses are difficult to grow and require very precise conditioning. But, if you follow four simple rules, rose gardening is really not that tough. Here are the most important rules for rose gardening.

1. Have good soil Roses will grow beautifully if planted in the right soil. They need good drainage, so be sure to add peat moss and compost. Soil for rose gardening also requires a pH level of between 6.5 and 6.8, which means that the soil should be slightly acidic. If your soil has too much acid, add lime; if it is not acidic enough, add some sulphur. If you re unsure of your soil s pH, contact your local agriculture extension program. In most states, they ll test your soil for free.

2. Give them water If your roses don t have enough water, they ll die. On the other hand, watering them too often will rob them of the ability to develop a deep root system. Proper rose gardening requires deep watering a few times a week during the growing season. A fifteen minute watering two to three times a week during the growing season should be just right, depending upon your conditions. Don t water in the evening, because this can cause powdery mildew to form on your rose plants.

3. Give them sun Roses need around six hours of sun each day, to be exact. They will do best if they are protected from the hottest afternoon sun. If you have a spot that gets sun all morning, but has some shade in the afternoon, that s the perfect spot for your rose garden.

4. Give them air This is probably the most common mistake by those who attempt rose gardening and then give up. It is critical that your rose bushes are spaced far enough apart to allow air to circulate between them. Check the spacing requirements of each bush when you purchase.

Roses are prone to a few diseases. Your rose gardening effort will prove more successful if you are aware of the common rose diseases and can prevent or treat them. The most common rose diseases are powdery mildew, rust, black spot. It s critical to check rose plants for disease before you buy. If you follow watering and spacing instructions, you should have little trouble with these diseases. If, however, you do see symptoms of one of these diseases, prune the infected area; don t compost the clippings. If this doesn t solve the problem, a fungicide may be required.

Those are the secrets to rose gardening. It s really not as difficult as most people think. And, rest assured; no other plant provides quite the beauty to your landscape that roses bring.

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The Art of Indoor Gardening

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Indoor gardening is an art, but even those with a black thumb can make a success of it with the right type of plants. Indoor gardening serves a number of purposes: beautification, purification and source of activity and relaxation. Many persons are unable to keep an outdoor garden because they live in apartment buildings or the climate just is not conducive to outdoor gardening.

To get the best out of your indoor gardening efforts, the following tips will come in handy:

Select the right type of plants

Some indoor plants are easier to care for than others, so depending on the time you have available this is a serious consideration for indoor gardening. The best plants to use indoors are foliage plants because they are generally easy to maintain since they do not require a lot of attention.

Types of containers

The container used for indoor plants must be drainable, that is, water shouldn t sit in there after the plants are watered. If the pots do not allow drainage some plants will die as the roots will rot, plus mosquitoes will use the still water as a breeding ground. Also, some indoor plants need very little water such as cactus.

Temperature control

Humidity and temperature control are also vital to the health of indoor gardening. House plants need a certain level of humidity to grow well. Humidity can be maintained by using a humidifier, but you can also help by spraying water on the leaves in the morning. It is not advisable to do this at night since there is less evaporation and this can result in the plant rotting. Try to maintain a temperature range of between 65 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Most plants can stand fluctuation of between 8 10 degrees daily; anything greater or lesser can result in poorly growing plants. If your plant leaves begin to turn yellow it is an indication that the temperature is too low; if the plants fail to strive the temperature may be too high.

Arrange for adequate lighting

Most plants need some amount of sunlight to strive, however this is not always possible. If you are unable to provide enough natural light for your indoor gardening needs, consider installing artificial lighting.

How to water plants, when and how often

Watering indoor plants calls for observation of certain rules. These include:

Try to use room temperature water so as not to shock the plants Wet the soil and allow to drain so that it does not become soggy Do not over water the plants

Indoor gardening, also commonly known as container gardening is a great way to brighten a cold winter s day.

Keeping Your Home Pet Hair Free


Dyson Animal


The Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum cleaner is one of the leading products on the market of its kind. Due to the quality of this product, it is known to be among the best upright pet vacuum products available. With this upright pet vacuum, people can easily and efficiently clean up after their pets and get all things including excess hairs off the floor.

With radial root cyclone technology, users of this vacuum can experience maximum suction power so that they will be able to suck all debris up with little effort. The Dyson pet hair vacuums have been around for several years and are among the highest quality pet vacuums available.


High Quality Engineering

With an engineering department that is always looking to make improvements in the product, the Dyson vacuums are likely to remain a leading pet vacuum for years to come.

The key features of the Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum are that they have Radial Root Cyclone technology, ball technology along with being lightweight and durable. The Radial Root Cyclone technology allows for the device to have among the strongest suction power of any vacuum.

Therefore users will be able to get up dirt and debris with maximum efficiency. With ball technology, the vacuum will allow users to have smooth steering which will make it very easy to use. Since this device is lightweight and durable, users can move the vacuum with ease and be sure that it will last for many years.

This vacuum has additional features such as a self adjusting cleaner head which allows for the device to reduce air leaks and retain suction power on all types of floors including wood, carpet, vinyl and tile. The vacuum also has a tangle free turbine tool which allows users to get up pet hair and dirt, release it straight to the bin and avoid tangling.

dog hair


Another notable feature for this vacuum is the instant release high reach wand. Users of this pet vacuum will be able to get a longer reach with the device. This will allow them suck up hair and dirt from far and hard to reach places.

There are some other features that help make this pet vacuum among the best on the market i.e. the ability to capture allergens and expel cleaner air, a clean bin, no extra costs and a 5 year warranty. With the ability to clear allergens, users will be able to make their home easier to live in as they won’t have to worry about the air being contaminated with particles that can cause allergies. If you have hard surfaces, this Dyson model is a great vacuum for hardwood flooring and tile too.

Dyson animal complete


The clean bin allows you to see if the vacuum needs emptying which will allow you to use the vacuum more efficiently. Lastly, there are no extra costs as you won’t need to pay for extra items in order to maximize the use of this pet vacuum.

The 5 year warranty assures you that this vacuum will last a long time giving you plenty of time to maximize its use and effectiveness.

With the Dyson DC41 pet vacuum you will be getting a device that efficiently cleans up your home by getting up pet hair and dirt with ease. The numerous features allow this vacuum to give you the optimum cleaning experience and enable you to keep your home free of pet hair and debris on a regular basis.

In summary, the DC41 is a quality, solid and easy to use vacuum and is the best upright vacuum we have found for sucking up pet hair.