Why I Finally Switched To A Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Cordless lawn mowers are quickly becoming popular among homeowners for various reasons. Firstly, they are extremely Eco-friendly compared to gas lawn mowers because there are no emissions. Secondly, cordless lawn mowers eliminate the hassle of electric wires that come with electric lawn mowers. One of the most common trends that can be observed with homeowners is the creation of a beautiful green patch of lawn at the home’s front. It’s not hard to see why lawns have a revitalizing effect on a home’s face; but it’s not just any lawn but a well-tended lawn… This is where cordless lawn mowers come in as agents of mowing out that lawn to a better finished look. Cordless mowers come as regular push cordless lawn mowers, self propelled cordless electric lawn mowers as well as the electric riding lawn mower type.

Cordless lawn mowers, also known as cordless trimmers, are basically lawn mowers that are not bound to power cable extensions; they’re pretty much like cordless vacuum cleaners devoid of the constraints associated with power cables coiling or tangling about.

The Most Common Brands of Cordless Lawn Mowers

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Black & Decker is probably the highest rated brand in cordless electric lawn mowers, and with as little as $300 you could be well on your way to reaping that stocky turf on your front yard. It’s definite value for money with a rechargeable cordless lawn mower from Black & Decker where the price is backed by the associated features. These come with as much as 36V rechargeable batteries: enough to reap lawns ranging up to a 1/3 of an acre. What’s more, the batteries are removable thus allowing for the addition of more batteries to allow for the mowing bigger lawns. Just in case your turf is pretty overgrown, you can conveniently and instantly change the cutting height of the mower’s four wheels by pulling one lever. Either of the major brands like the CMM1200, the CM1936 or the CM1836 can be folded in thus minimizing the storage space required. Black & Decker cordless lawn mowers are sure to minimize on the noisy roaring associated with gas mowers, they don’t use gas or oil (which often gets messy), and they are environmental friendly as they do not release toxic emissions. Startup is more hassle-free since you don’t need to pulls cords or keep checking for tune-ups; all you need is to plug in the start key, pull the startup lever and get mowing! No wonder Black and Decker gets voted as the best cordless lawn mowers whichever resource you look at.

Another reputable brand for cordless electric lawn mowers

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Troy-Bilt has also made a name for itself with rechargeable cordless electric lawn mowers such as the Troy-Bilt TB57, the TB720R, and the LE720R among others. They have pretty unique designs that come with attachments/ shafts that can be adjusted to suit different user heights. Troy’s cordless mowers are versatile with utility ranging from hedge or grass trims, pruning, cultivating as well as leaf blowing. Clearing the edges, curbs and sidewalks of your compound never got easier as it makes weeding or even trimming under bushes and shrubs pretty much effortless.

If you are looking for a more compact cordless lawn mower, GroWorks is a good alternative and in particular, the GroWorks Weed Trimmer or the Rechargeable Handheld Weed Trimmer. In addition to being lightweight and portable, some of the key features are the adjustable head, the rotating safety guard switch, rechargeable batteries and a couple of blades for that clean finish. They make for a good alternative cordless lawn mower when it comes to trimming inaccessible areas around the edges of your lawn and around bushes or trees.

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